Throughout my career, I've always enjoyed photographing children, and relationships between close friends & families. It took becoming a mother to inspire me to open up my practice to this area with more focus. One day, when my daughter Ever was around 9 months old, I suddenly regretted not having someone come to our home to make photographs of that special time. I saw great photographs all the time, because I can't turn off my photographer's eye, but I didn't have the energy to set up the tripod and make them myself. I'm in awe and admiration for those who do. So most of my photos, if I'm in them, are of the selfie kind, and while they have a nice intimacy, they don't show a wider story. 
Not long after this realization, I was visiting my sister who was battling cancer. They had photos of my nieces all over the house, and most were ones I'd taken over the years. At the end of each visit, I printed them out a selection of photos I'd made. Seeing them displayed in every room was when I understood the value of this work. I think most of us like to have photos of the people we love around us; of special, and mundane moments together. At the end of a life, that's what we look to, that's what we want to spend time remembering and being grateful for: the people we love and the things we did with them. 
So whatever you're doing today, making dinner, rocking someone to sleep, folding laundry, vacuuming, or playing in the park, all with your babies or kids in tow, those are the precious occasions, every day, that are worth photographing and remembering. Daily life has so much beauty. I am always honored to be invited into families' homes to preserve those simple moments. All we need is a bit of time.
Mini-sessions: 175€ (Includes 10 full-resolution digital files)
Full sessions: 375€ (Includes all full-resolution files plus 6, 10x 15cm fine art prints)